Chain Conveyor Belt

Chain conveyor belt is composed of conveyor belt and chain. It is a simple and durable metal conveyor belt suitable for light-duty transportation applications. Also, due to the large open area, chain belts are ideal for drying, cooling and heating applications. In order to increase the load carrying capacity of the metal belting, we also can provide rod reinforcement belts.

The material of chain conveyor belt is usually stainless steel and galvanized steel. Carbon steel is electro-galvanized or hot-dip galvanized to form galvanized steel, making it common resistant to corrosion.

Chain conveyor belts are driven by gears and chains. It uses the chain as the traction force to make the conveyor belt run quickly and stop at the corresponding working position according to the command. The chain drive mode ensures smooth and efficient work, and is more suitable for conveyor system applications that require curves.


  • Economical and practical. The simple structure makes it more economical than other types of conveyor belts.
  • Chain conveyor belts are suitable for product conveying and lifting in light applications.
  • Chain drive ensures smooth and efficient work.
  • Side guards are added to the chain link belt to prevent the product from falling to the ground.

chain link conveyor belt

metal chain conveyor belt

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