Meat Conveyor Belt

Meat conveyor belt plays an important role in ensuring the hygiene of the meat in the processing process.

In all food processing industries, meat processing applications are usually very humid, so they are more susceptible to contamination and pathogens. Due to repeated use or aging, plastic and rubber conveyor belts may wear out and produce particles that can directly contaminate food. And they are also vulnerable to damage, such as pits and cracks, which can easily lead to the growth of bacteria. In contrast, stainless steel conveyor belts are very durable and will not wear out, so it will reduce such risks. It can provide a cleaner surface for the conveyed material, and it is also easier to clean and disinfect. The stainless steel meat conveyor belt is resistant to high temperature and corrosion, so the conveyor system can be easily cleaned with high pressure steam or other commonly used washing methods.

In addition, stainless steel can withstand extreme temperatures and is very suitable for use during cooking or freezing.

Therefore, the use of stainless steel conveyor belts in meat processing systems helps ensure hygienic, efficient and reliable product quality.

meat conveyor belt

Meat Conveyor Belt

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