Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Conveyor Belt

Hightop offers a series of stainless steel wire mesh conveyor belts, including balanced weave belt, flat wire belt, flat flexible wire belt, and rod conveyor belt. Different types of conveyor belts are used for different purposes. The close wire mesh belt provides a firm structure and a flat surface, which is ideal for conveying small parts or products that require greater support. Metal mesh belts with large openings facilitate the flow of air and water and are suitable for drying and cooling applications, while the large openings better keep the belt clean.

Our stainless steel wire mesh conveyor belt is made of food grade SS304 or SS316. It has excellent properties of heat resistance, corrosion and wear resistance, so they are widely used in various industrial processing fields including heat treatment, drying, cooling, freezing, cleaning, dehydration and transportation. In addition, the special structure of the wire mesh conveyor belt minimizes the surface contact with the product, so it is also an ideal choice for the food and pharmaceutical industries with high hygiene requirements.

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stainless steel wire mesh conveyor belts

stainless steel wire mesh conveyor belt

wire mesh conveyor belt

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