Oven Conveyor Belt

Oven conveyor belt, also known as biscuit baking belt or baking mesh belt, is a multifunctional belt used to bake biscuits, bread and other food in an oven. For baking biscuits and bread in the oven, the first consideration is to use contact-safe food-grade materials. In addition, due to the high temperature of the oven, we should use extremely safe and high-temperature resistant oven conveyor belt materials. Food-grade stainless steel has high-temperature resistance and excellent chemical stability. It is very suitable for use in high-temperature environments and is an ideal choice for oven conveyor belts.

Balanced Weave Belt

A flat surface is required for baking biscuits and bread. The balanced weave is composed of left and right spiral wires that are interlocked by straight and crimped wires. It can provide a compact and flat surface for baking biscuits and other foods.

The stainless steel balanced weave conveyor belt has a long service life and high-temperature resistance. It is an efficient oven conveyor belt.

Compound Weave Belt

The stainless steel compound weave is of a strong structure and high load-carrying capacity. The left and right spirals of the compound weave are closely fitted to form a tight surface, which is very suitable for conveying small products (such as small pieces of biscuits) and products that require a very flat surface and stable support. Compared with other weave belts, compound weave provides a more stable surface.

Chain Link Conveyor Belt

Chain link conveyor belt is another commonly used oven conveyor belt. The chain link conveyor belt consists of interwoven successive spiral wires. Its structure is simple and flexible. We also offer reinforced chain link conveyor belt to enhance its load capacity.

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Oven Conveyor Belt

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