Perforated Metal Hinged Steel Belt Conveyor

Hinged steel belt conveyor is made of perforated metal sheets. The perforated metal plate is bent to form a hinge, which is connected by a cross bar, and then the cross bar is fixed on the chain link to form a durable conveyor belt. It has high-temperature resistance, corrosion and rust resistance. Hinged steel conveyor belt is stable, suitable for conveying high-density and small materials. When conveying hot products, such as biscuits, bread, the holes on the surface provide good heat dissipation for the conveyed products.

We can provide customized perforated metal hinged steel conveyor belts with various patterns. We produce various patterns through professional perforation technology to ensure that it is suitable for diverse applications.


  • High-temperature resistance – can be used in extremely high and low temperatures.
  • The corrosion and rust resistance of stainless steel plates make them fit for corrosive environments.
  • Chain drive ensures smooth and efficient operation.
  • Can be made into curved running tracks to suit more applications.

perforated metal conveyor belts

Hinged Steel Conveyor Belt

Perforated hinged steel belt

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