Galvanized steel conveyor belt

Galvanized steel conveyor belt is available in various types, including chain link conveyor belt, slat conveyor belt, flat top conveyor belt, flat flex wire belt, perforated metal conveyor belt, rod conveyor belt, balanced weave belt, etc.

Compared with plastic conveyor belts, galvanized steel conveyor belts have a good strength-to-weight ratio to prevent deformation under heavy loads, so they are very stable and durable. In addition, the large opening area and good air circulation of the wire mesh conveyor belt make it an ideal choice for drying and cooling. You can use it in many industries, such as food processing and chemical industry.

You can find a suitable steel conveyor belt according to your needs at Hightop Metal company, or we can customize it according to your requirements.


  • High strength, but with great flexibility, can prevent deformation under heavy load.
  • High-temperature resistance, anti-corrosion and anti-rust.
  • The mesh conveyor belt has a large opening area and good air circulation.
  • Easy to clean, low maintenance cost, durable and long service life.


  • Food industry-washing, heating, drying, frying, freezing, cooling, packaging, bottling.
  • Ceramics and glass industry-annealing, decoration, including polishing, etc.
  • Heat treatment industry

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galvanised steel conveyor belt

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