Flat top conveyor

Flat top conveyor, also known as flat top chain plate, table top conveyor belt, it can be made of stainless steel or galvanized steel. It provides a flat and smooth surface to achieve high-performance conveying. Flat top conveyor belts are very suitable for conveying bottles, jars or small boxes in the food, beverage, glass, and pharmaceutical industries. It can also convey high temperature, sharp or oily products.

In addition to the standard straight conveying, the flat top conveyor belt also supports side-flex conveying.

Straight route flat top conveyor

The straight route flat top conveyor can provide high load capacity and smooth surface. It is combined with several regular rectangular chain plates and high pins.

Side-flex flat top conveyor

The side-flex flat top conveyor belt is suitable for curved machines, which can easily realize L-shaped, U-shaped or rectangular conveying tracks, and ensure fast, stable conveying.


  • Support straight and side-curved conveying to adapt to different conveying lines.
  • Corrosion and rust resistance, long service life.
  • High load capacity. The load of the chain plate is larger than that of the wire mesh belt.
  • Reduce container tipping and blockage at transfer points
  • Widely used in many industries, such as beverages, food processing, and glass bottle filling.


  • Food processing
  • The beverage and beer industry
  • Glass bottle filling
  • Medicine package

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